About the Mission


In simple terms, the mission is the search for truth in a world filled with lies. It started when our Heavenly Father woke me up with a dream in May of 2015. I felt led to write it down and share it. Which I did. I had no idea where that would lead, but He did. He guided me to repent and do a deliverance from demons. I have since created a video here on how to do one yourself.

I was also led to study a lot. I found out the government was lying about going to the moon, and the shape of the earth, and then I fell down on my knees before YHWH and prayed to no longer be deceived and to be led to the truth. I realized I had been deceived my whole life and I needed His help.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out. Proverbs 25:2

And one of the things I was studying was Pope Francis and what he was up to. And 2015 was the year that he said, "humanly speaking" Jesus failed at the cross. So I was led to make a YouTube video exposing that. So that's how the channel "For Yahweh" was started.

My channel was always just a study channel. I never felt led to call myself a teacher. My beliefs have been changing as I have been getting rid of false doctrine. I don't believe what I believed just a few months ago and I really don't agree with what I believed most of my life. So why would people listen to someone who can't agree with herself? People sense that I'm willing to get rid of falsehoods when I find them, and that's what I do. I expose lies, false doctrines, and try to get to the truth, no matter what.

Even if it means I have to change my thoughts when I come across new evidence. I know some people have stopped listening to me when I came to new conclusions. And I know that now because some of them have come back and thanked me for what I posted after they studied it out. But I didn't let the knowledge that people might unsubscribe keep me from continuing my studies for the truth. I'm wholeheartedly devoted to finding the truth.

The main truth I know is that we're to treat others as we would want to be treated. Agape love is the top of the ladder, doing what Jesus/Yehoshua told us to do and forgive others if we want forgiveness, and treat others with humility, kindness, and agape love, laying down our lives for others. We should choose to no longer do our own will each day, but our Heavenly Father's will. So that's what I did. I gave up my old life in order to do my Father's will each and every day, day in and day out. And it's hard at times, but it's very rewarding, to be able to be a part of His plans. It's extraordinary!

2 Peter 1

But, we see that there is a push to censor the real truth, to promote "fake news" as if it's real. So I wanted to have a place for my thoughts, in case my Facebook page or YouTube channel gets taken down.

Our spiritual health is first and foremost our concern. We need to repent, and detox from demons (through deliverance). We also need to figure out what's real and what's false. Because our Messiah told us to beware the scribes and Pharisees and there are modern-day scribes (translators) and Pharisees (priests/pastors) that are leading people astray with doctrines of men. These people may not even be aware what they're teaching is a doctrine of man. So we need to study.

Our physical health is also important, the early followers of Yehoshua were vegetarians and ate very little. The people back then fasted because they knew the importance of it. So I'll have some information on fasting, intermittent fasting, and detoxing (since we're overwhelmed with GMOs and chemicals these days). I also have a cooking channel for help in switching to a more plant-based and/or vegan diet.

Our mental health is another thing to we need to focus on. Our government is brainwashing us and our children through schools, movies, music, and "news". The word NEWS is an abbreviation of North East West South, it's all about misdirection. We have got to stay curious and critical when hearing about new events.

So that's the mission, to get to the truth in all matters, no matter what. I will continue to do what I do no matter what, but if you feel led to donate, you can using the button below. Thanks in advance if you so choose. Like I said, it won't stop me from looking if you don't, as I was doing my YouTube videos for 2 years without getting paid for anything. Father always finds a way to take care of His children.