Spiritual Health


Our spiritual health is first and foremost our concern. We need to repent, and detox from demons (through deliverance). We also need to figure out what's real and what's false. Because our Messiah told us to beware the scribes and Pharisees and there are modern-day scribes (translators) and Pharisees (priests/pastors) that are leading people astray with doctrines of men. These people may not even be aware what they're teaching is a doctrine of man. So we need to study.

The image below is of hot cross buns and the image was found on a "Christian" website. The bible says it was idolatry to offer up cakes to the Queen of Heaven, and YHWH was not pleased. You can see a couple of sites discussing the connection between them at The Queen of Heaven: Why Does The Church Celebrate Easter? and Hot Cross Buns–Cakes for the Goddess

Spiritual Health: Hot Cross Buns

We have got to beware of the modern scribes & Pharisees. We can't let pastors, or preachers, or even so-called "teachers" on YouTube lead us into idolatry and away from our Father. We have to stay curious and critical. And pray always to our Father to not be deceived and to be led to all truth.