YHWH Hates Sacrifices

He wants spiritual sacrifices, not animal or human ones


I know that some may think this is blasphemous, or crazy. But this is the result of a lot of bible study. If you read through these bible verses presented in the PDF, you will see that YHWH never asked for sacrifices. When Moses was on the mountain with YHWH getting the 10 commandments from Him, the Israelites slid back into pagan ways and started sacrificing to Moloch/Ba'al. They most likely sacrificed animals and children to the golden calf. When it speaks about them "rising up to play" this seems to be a reference to them having orgies which is why we find out they were naked (Exodus 32:25). The reason they were making so much noise (Exodus 32:17-18) was most likely to drown out the screams from the children being burned in the fire.

The Bread of Life, not the Flesh of Death PDF

Yehoshua came to stop the sacrificing, that's why he let all the animals in the temple go free. If you would like to study this out further, there are a few videos below that discuss these ideas. Also in the PDF it mentions the flood narrative from the Epic of Gilgamesh, if you'd like to see it click here. It also has some snippets from the Clementine Homilies 8, which you can view by clicking here.