What Happened In Las Vegas on October 1st, 2017?

Testimonies from people in Las Vegas that night


Based on all the false flag reasons for what happened in Las Vegas (See TruthStreamMedia's Cui Bono) and all the crisis actors, I was starting to wonder if it was all a hoax. But a subscriber went to get some evidence at a hospital in Vegas, and you can view that by clicking on the "hospital video" link below.

So, why all the fakery? It looks like they don't want the real story out from real witnesses, so they had to use fake witnesses to push the fake storyline. The real witnesses said there were multiple shooters throughout the hotels, and not just down by the concert. The woman who was at Planet Hollywood stated that the next day one of the employees seemed to have been told not to even mention what happened the previous night. Which means the hotels were telling people to act like it never happened. Please check out these eye witnesses testimonies of what actually happened that night.

I also believe that Pope Francis knew this would go down because of the fact that 2 days before the event happened, he said he planned to go after "fake news" for 2018. He had also met with Google to further his plans, and YouTube (owned by Google) used this event to change their algorithm to combat "fake news". You can see my video for more on that here: 2 Days before Mandalay Bay Pope Francis tweets that he will focus on “fake news”

There are also a couple of links to some more pages with testimonies and a timeline from the police scanner that matches up with the witnesses.

Las Vegas Eye Witnesses