The Apocalypse, that is Revelation

Apocalypse means an uncovering, exposing, or revealing of knowledge.


Often times people may listen to what I say in my videos and think, "How can you believe the earth isn't spherical?" "How can you believe Jesus isn't God?" "How can you believe Paul is a false apostle?" And I could go on and on. Other people are now coming to the conclusion that Yehoshua is not the Messiah, and that YHWH is an evil demiurge. You may ask, "How can they believe that?" Even though I don't agree with those last two, I totally understand how they came to that conclusion.

We've Been Lied To

The answer is very simple, we've been lied to our whole lives. Some people caught on to the lies fairly early on in their lives, but many people are only "waking up" to these lies in the last 2 to 3 years. Rob Skiba suggests that "waking up" is due to the curse on Ephraim being lifted. You can check out the video below for more on that.

We seem to be in a time period where the lies are being manifested to us. Some might say the truth is what's being manifested, but I don't believe that. I think everyone has been spiritually blinded by false doctrines, the media, our schools, and our own actions. If we won't do what we have to do to get rid of that spiritual blindness, the truth certainly will NOT be manifested to us. What is being shown to us is the lies. I believe no matter where you are, Father is exposing you to lies. What you do with that knowledge is what's important.

The Process

Fishers of Men Share Tidbits of Knowledge

See the Bait (lies)

First, you're shown lies. Someone might say, "Sandy Hook was a hoax," "9/11 was an inside Job," "Vaccines cause health problems," "The translators of the bible took our YHWH's name thousands of times," etc. You can think of this like fishing. The bait was put into the lake by the fisher, whether or not you went to take that bait and look into the lie, is up to you. We have "fishers of men" who go around trying to wake people up. Now you might say the fish symbolism is bad because the fish will die if it's caught. Well, we're supposed to die, to our sin, and be reborn as a new creation. When you hear something you believed was a lie, such as YHWH's name is not "the LORD," the part of you that trusted the translators to not add or subtract will die if you can accept that. Some people don't accept these things, and try to rationalize it away. The translators, even of the KJV bible,  have YHWH lying about His name due to this addition. 

Isaiah 42:8 I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images. (KJV)

So, now we should admit to ourselves that the translators were able to add and subtract and turn YHWH into a liar. Of course we know that happened before.

Jeremiah 8:8 "How can you say, 'We are wise, And the law of YHWH is with us'? But behold, the lying pen of the scribes Has made it into a lie.

Even when the Tanakhh didn't have English translation errors, scribes were still changing what the law of YHWH was through their pens.  So, when you see these things, the part of you that believed the bible had some sort of force field over it, protecting it from changes, should die. Then you will start to think critically about other verses, and wonder if there were other translation errors, or outright additions or subtractions.

We are born trusting people, when we're innocent. We're then lied to by people we trust. Those people might not even know they're lying. In many cases, such as with pastors and school teachers, they believe what they're saying and teaching because they were lied to also. So we have misplaced trust and that misplaced trust has to die.

Get Caught - Die to Old Beliefs

After we see the lies, we have to become like children, humble, and praying to Father to reveal truth to us. We have to die to who we were and what we thought, and lean on Him to guide us to the truth. When I found out about the lies, I got down on my knees and prayed to God to no longer be deceived, and to be led to the truth, no matter what that truth is. When you humble yourself like that, admit that you were fooled, He will start to show you truth when you ask for it. But you have to truly want to know.

I see this in other people, if they don't truly want to know the truth, you will not be able to convince them. We cannot change another person's mind. If someone does not believe they could be lied to, they will not believe it when you tell them they've  been lied to. If a person does not believe God could allow the bible to be changed, no matter how many times you show them that verses or words were added, they will not believe you. It's not up to you to change their mind, because that's impossible. All you can do is put the bait in the water and see if they accept it or  not.

Repeat Over & Over

After you've humbled yourself, and know you might be wrong on things, Father will start to show you more lies. Everytime you come into contact with one,  your pride has to die a bit more. You will be asked to admit you were wrong about something, which is difficult for many. It's the worst for teachers and parents. If you are a pastor who starts to  believe you are wrong about there being eternal fire torment, and change your mind, you might get fired. If you are a teacher who teaches the globe to children everyday, and find out it's not spherical, you will either spend your life lying to children or quit. If you are a parent who loves spending Christmas with the family, and lying about Santa Claus to your children, and even going trick-or-treating on Halloween, you will not want to give those memories up. I know a few parents that won't give up Christmas, even when they hear the truth.

These people do not want to have to deal with the fact that they lied to their children, or flock, or students. The teachers of others have more responsibility placed upon them, and they have a lot more guilt if they realize they were teaching so many people, or their very own children, incorrectly. They don't want to deal with that guilt, so they don't want to think what they did was wrong. It's a lot harder for them to admit it was wrong than people who have not been placed in that position. I understand why they haven't changed yet. But I'd rather be humble and look foolish and know the truth, than cling to lies.

You have to make that choice, every single time Father shows you something you might have wrong. And I know I'm not done learning, which is why I've had to change my mind many times over the last few years. We're constantly being given more and more bait and seeing if we'll take it and die to that false belief we once held.

Hidden Knowledge

Following the breadcrumbs of lies, leads you to bigger and bigger lies. If you have not yet tackled the smaller lies, you're going to look at people who question the bigger ones as if they've lost their mind or have "fallen away." The people at this point are well aware of a big pile of deception that makes our old lives seem like complete frauds. We're told doctors know what to do to heal us, pharmaceutical drugs are good, GMOs are better than organic foods, and poisons in our food won't hurt us. All of this is a fraud. The same thing happens to pretty much every single doctrine about life that we've been told whether it comes from the TV or a pastor.

We're literally surrounded by lies day in and day out. I know people who wanted the truth and started looking into the fallibility of the bible and became agnostic. Because they start to believe they can't know certain things. They think they can't know if God exists. I know, personally, that God exists, because I've seen what He does in my life, but I questioned what the bible said about Him because I don't trust the scribes.

You can think of this journey as travelling on a road to the New Jerusalem, the city of peace. In order to get there, we come to branches in the road. Each branch in the road has a broad path, and a narrow path. The more times you take the narrow path, the fewer people you will see taking the journey with you. The narrow paths are difficult, but as someone once put it, it's like you're getting pressed and releasing oil. It's the journey of the wise virgins who through their difficulty in following Messiah have plenty of olive oil, because they've been pressed (like olives) through life's circumstances (their tribulations in this life). We get purified in fire, and the dross comes off. We're shedding lies and deceptions and getting to a more pure state.

So, we're on this path that gets more difficult, and narrower, while most people are still on a much broader path to destruction, because "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6).

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out. Proverbs 25:2

2 Thessalonians 2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

We're told that we've been blinded, and people are given over to deceptions when they don't love the truth. So we need to love the truth and look for it. We're in a time period where truth is being revealed to those who love it, and it looks like these people are "being deceived" from the vantage point of people who have pleasure in unrighteousness. Those on the narrow path think people are being deceived about a lot, and those on the broad path think the same thing.

The point is we're all deceived about something, but the only way to not be deceived is to love righteousness and love truth and search it out, because YHWH hides the truth. YHWH sends false prophets to see if you truly love YHWH and His commands (righteousness). If you don't, then you'll believe the lies that the false prophets are saying. That is not new, it's all throughout the bible. So we're told that it's the honor of kings to search out a matter that YHWH has hidden from the world.

Most mainstream Christians think that there is no hidden knowledge and that it's only new-age groups or cults or secret societies that say there is hidden knowledge. If you haven't seen this video, you may find it interesting: "Blinded by the light, the new Exodus, new Moses, & Christians being targeted." It's about how YHWH has blinded us and the OT actually speaks about the veil being taken away in the last days. But of course that's what Revelation is all about, a revealing of truth. But we've seen that YHWH says it's the glory of God to conceal a matter. He hides things from us, for His glory.

“...In order, therefore, that there might be a distinction between those who choose good and those who choose evil, YHWH has concealed that which is profitable to men, i.e., the possession of the Heavenly Kingdom, and has laid it up and hidden it as a secret treasure, so that no one can easily attain it by his own power or knowledge. Yet He has brought the report of it under various names and opinions through successive generations, to the hearing of all: so that whosoever should be lovers of good, hearing it, might inquire and discover what is profitable and salutary to them; but that they should ask it, not from themselves but from Him who has hidden it, and should pray that access and the way of knowledge might be given to them: which way is opened to those only who love it above all the good things of this world; and on no other condition can anyone even understand it, however wise he may seem; but that those who neglect to inquire what is profitable and salutary to themselves, as self-haters and self-enemies, should be deprived of its good things, as lovers of evil things...” Nazarene Acts of the Apostles Chapter LIII Self-Love the Foundation of Goodness

 He makes it clear that those who will not go searching for the truth, are their own worst enemy. They are “self-haters” and “self-enemies” because they will not look into something that is beneficial to them. But those who are lovers of good, will search for the truth.

Some people claim that if you think the bible speaks in allegories, and you don't take it literally, and you think there's truth in other religious texts, than you are deceived. They will say the bible is the only way to the truth and there is nothing hidden, everything is made known to us. Of course someone who is deceived will claim to know the truth. How do you know if you've been deceived about something? The answer is when you're deceived, you don't know, you can't, or else you wouldn't be deceived. Those types of people actually have pride thinking they know the truth, when they haven't actually studied it out wondering if they're wrong about a subject. You have to be strong to wonder if you're wrong. You have got to question if you have the truth or not. If you don't seriously consider that you could be wrong, you'll stay wrong.

People who don't love the truth, look into issues trying to prove they're right. People who love the truth look into issues trying to prove that they're wrong, and if they can't prove that they're wrong, then they will know that they were right originally. But if they can prove that they were wrong, then they will change their mind. People who look to prove they're right, will always find things to fit their way of thinking, in a form of self-delusion.

So we have mainstream Christianity thinking there's nothing hidden from them, and when they hear these supposed "false doctrines" they, for the most part, won't actually look to see if there's any truth to them. They will look to prove that they, personally, are right and the other people are wrong, so they don't have to change their way of thinking. Mainstream Christianity is self-deluded, to the point that they will say it's wrong to look for "hidden knowledge" and even go so far as to say it's Gnostic to try to find hidden knowledge. Yet the bible says YHWH hides things from those who love unrighteousness and it's the honor of kings to search things out, and in 2nd Peter we're told to add gnosis (knowledge) to our virtue. We're supposed to be adding knowledge and seeking things out. But mainstream Christians say that's bad.

If you have the truth, then what harm is there in looking at things that are false? Another friend of mine likes to say we're supposed to be handling serpents and not getting bit, we should be able to handle lies and not have it faze us because we have the truth. What harm can it do? And another friend talked about if you don't listen to people who disagree with you, and then you hear their argument, it may shake your faith, simply because you never heard the other side. I've always said the best way to be strong in your faith is to debate with people who disagree with you and listen to their argument, consider it, and see if you can counter their arguments.

Most mainstream Christians would respond to atheists without actually considering what the atheist said. Why should the atheist believe you if you can't give them answers to their questions. I would debate with atheists online and they'd come back with arguments that they used on mainstream Christians, and they wouldn't know what to do with my answers because I was actually debating their arguments and they weren't debating mine (they were using straw man fallacies). But once in a while I would get asked a good question, and go research it. You become very strong in your faith when you hear an opposing view, study it to see if it's true, and then decide whether or not you believe that. Because, then, you know both sides. Too many times Christians don't study both sides, so they get blind-sided by something and it turns them into agnostics. If you can't listen to another side without turning into an agnostic or atheist, then it shows you haven't studied things out prayerfully yet.

We don't have to lose our faith by studying things out. In fact when you start studying, although it feels like you're sea-sick being tossed to and fro with doctrines of men, if you keep your eyes on the Messiah, you'll be able to walk on water and those winds of doctrines won't blow you to and fro anymore. So, yes, there's hidden knowledge placed in this world by YHWH. We just have to go and search for it, and ask Him to guide us. He will lead us to all truth, if we truly want to know. Just ask Him for it.

Ask and you shall receive. Matthew 7:7-8

The Wrong Path

The enemy has gatekeepers for when people start to see the lies of this world. When you wake up to something, you will start researching around that topic and see people talking about it, and they will have doctrines that might lead you astray. Which is why we have to continually pray for guidance from our Father. The people who reject the Messiah because he doesn't match up with the Tanakhh do so because they believe what was written in the Tanakhh is truly the "word of God" rather than the "word of God" being the spirit of God like the prophets tell us. It's understandable to question things, and it's understandable when people go off in different directions. Some people see a god named YHWH telling people to sacrifice, murder and rape others, and think that's evil, so YHWH must be evil. But they don't realize that the Israelites called Moloch by the name YHWH. So I understand why they believe in the demiurge.

We don't have all the pieces, and that leads to coming to the wrong conclusions. We can't be upset with others as they are on this journey. We should just try to help each other put the pieces together as we know them. I know many people tried to give those pieces to the man who had come to the conclusion that Yehoshua isn't the Messiah, because we think if he had those pieces, then he'd believe again. But as I mentioned earlier, if someone is not ready, they will not be convinced. If you believe the Tanakhh is the "word of God" you will never be convinced by a prophet who disagrees with the Tanakhh. It won't happen. Which is why I made this video: Does Faith Come From Scriptures or the Words of the Prophets?

So, as we journey on this path to the kingdom, we need to remember to be open-minded about people who say we might be wrong on something. But at the same time, remember that there are gatekeepers, and even though they may believe they're right, they may have demonic influences trying to get them and you to follow a false doctrine. We need to continually pray to our Father to guide us to the truth, because He will if that's what we truly want. And we need to test the fruits.

I have a video on why I don't accept the idea of the Demiurge, which is here: Why I Don't Accept the Gnostic Idea of the Demiurge. Basically, if the demiurge was either incompetent, or evil, then so too must his creator be incompetent or evil, because the creator of the demiurge was:

  1. not all-powerful that his creation (the demiurge) could steal from him
  2. not all-knowing, that he had no idea that his creation (the demiurge) would steal from him and create an evil world
  3. all-knowing and all-powerful, but evil himself, for he knew that the demiurge would do this and he allowed it.

And, of course, I did a video refuting the idea that Yehoshua was not the Messiah here: My Thoughts About The New Testament Unveiled Series By Beit Tefillah Productions. But I listened to the arguments of others. I watched the videos, and I have reasons why I don't agree. The main reason I don't agree with Yehoshua not being the Messiah, is because he saved me. He turned my life around when I listened to what he said, because he said the words of the Father, whom he always called the only true God and the one we all will worship in spirit and in truth one day.

If you see someone with a "crazy" idea, the best thing to do is wonder if you're wrong, and if they're right. Pray to Father to find the truth, honestly search things out, and if Father leads you to something in your spirit, go with that. But always test the spirit, by looking at the fruit. Bad doctrines produce bad fruit, such as the idea of Judaism that is still going to sacrifice animals to cover sins, whereas Yehoshua taught us we didn't have to sin anymore so we and the animals don't have to die. One doctrine has good fruit, and one has bad.

That's how I tell the difference.