Eden's Trees Series

Garden of Eden: Tree of Life & the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil


In this series of videos I discuss the trees from the Garden of Eden, such as the menorah as an almond tree with branches and how the early followers did not believe Adam (who was made in God's image) sinned. So is the story of the fall a parable?

The Garden of Eden's Trees Series

Eden's Trees Series

You can watch all of the current videos in the series in the YouTube playlist below if you like.

Part I: The Menorah / Torah is the Tree of Life

Part II: We are the Branches of the Tree of Life

Part III: The Tree of Life in Other Religions

Part IV: Did Adam & Eve Sin According to the Clementine Works?

Part V: Was It Eve Who Sinned or Her Daughters?

Part VI: Are Scriptures the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

Part VII: Does the Christmas Tree Mock the Tree of Life?

Part VIII: YHWH sends the Holy Spirit & the Antichrist Spirit to people